Electric Motors & Pumps Repaired by Professionals

At Southern Rewind Ltd, our qualified technicians are able to perform a wide variety of services for electric motors, pumps and more. Our facilities and equipment are second to none, so you can rest assured that the utmost due-diligence and quality control will be taken by our technicians to ensure your complete satisfaction. Learn more about our services below, or contact us today to get started.

What We Offer

What we offer our clients includes:

  • Electric motors
    • Sales, service and repair
    • AC and DC electric motors
    • Refurbish electric motors and rewind motors
    • Redesign electric motors
    • Drum roller motors (conveyor motors)
    • Motion generators
    • Factory authorized warranty for all major brands
  • Pumps
    • Sales, service and repair
    • Irrigation pumps (centrifugal and line shaft turbines)
    • Waste water pumps
    • Progressive cavity pumps
    • Positive displacement
    • Shredder pumps
    • Sewage pumps
    • Municipal pumps
    • Home water system pumps
    • Hot water heating pumps
    • Constant pressure controls for water systems
    • Pump system design
    • Pump accessories
  • Generators
    • Sales, service and repair
    • Generators (all sizes)
    • Wind generators
    • Load testing for insurance compliance
    • Welders
      • Sales, service and repair
      • AC/DC welders
      • TIG welders
      • MIG welders
      • Plasma cutters
      • Welder load bank testing
    • Motor control
      • Sales
      • Motor magnetic starters
      • Variable speed drives
      • Soft starts
      • DC motor control
      • Phase converters
    • Machine shop services
      • Bore and sleeve housings
      • Repair worn shafts
      • Machine slip rings
      • Trim pump impellers
      • Repair pump bowl assemblies
    • Balancing
      • Wire reels
      • Impellers
      • Choppers
      • Rotors
    • Other
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