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“A big thank you to the team at Southern Rewind for getting my hot tub pump and motor up and running . Great job Guys.”

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“5 stars”

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Southern Rewind Ltd sells and repairs water pumps in Lethbridge for multiple types of machinery. Not only are water pumps essential for pumping out water, but they can also help in conserving it. From irrigation pumps to well water pumps to sewage pumps & more, we have various options and brands for you to choose from in stock. Get in touch with us, and we will be happy to provide you with durable, high-performance, quality water pumps in Lethbridge.

What Are Water Pumps?

A water pump is a piece of equipment that helps move water from one place to another by increasing its pressure. A water pump serves multiple purposes, from conveying wastewater in sewage treatment plants to facilitating water supply in agricultural, municipal, industrial, and residential units. Let us know if you need to find a replacement water pump in Lethbridge. Apart from water pumps, we also provide several other products for residential, industrial, and agricultural use.

Types of Water Pumps

While all the water pumps perform the same function, the process differs for each type. Here are the different kinds of water pumps available in the market:

Centrifugal pump: As the name suggests, this pump uses centrifugal force to suck the liquid through a rotating impeller and expel it through its tip. Since this pump can easily be installed in pits, it is often used to pump wastewater. It is also used in the agricultural sector to convey water from sources like wells and rivers to irrigation systems or tanks.


Reciprocating pump: This positive displacement pump features an expanding and decreasing cavity on the suction and pressure ends of the pump, respectively. Its performance is not affected by pressure, so it works well in areas with an irregular supply or to pump liquids with high viscosity like paint, oil, food, etc. Piston, gear, screw, and lobe are examples of the many types of positive displacement pumps available in the market.


Submersible pump: It uses Electric Submersible Pumping (ESP) to operate at high pressure and temperature. The ESP-run motor of such a pump lowers the pressure at the bottom of the shaft where the pump is installed. A submersible pump can be more costly but is a good choice for passive flood protection.

How to Choose a Water Pump?

Here are a few factors to keep in mind when choosing a water pump:

Indoor or outdoor use: Electric pumps are a great option if you require a water pump for indoor use. They require less upkeep and can easily be plugged into a standard residential outlet for use. For mobile use or job-site requirements, gas-powered pumps are preferred. They have powerful engines that can easily support the movement of a lot of water. Since they emit carbon monoxide, they should only be used outdoors.


Usage: The application of the water pump is another significant factor affecting the choice of a water pump. While dewatering pumps are used to move clean water, trash pumps can quickly displace dirty water. Similarly, booster pumps can improve the pressure of your water system, while sprinkler pumps are used to water gardens and lawns. So, depending on its use, you can choose a water pump that works for you.


Sizing the pump: You need to determine the pump’s total head lift, GMP/PSI ratings, size of the inlet and outlet, and several other factors for sizing a water pump.

Easy and Convenient Experience

If you are having problems understanding these technical aspects, do not worry. Our team of friendly and capable professionals will be with you every step of the way to replacing your broken water pump. If you have any questions, please view our FAQ section. You can also reach out to us directly through a phone call.

Replacement Water Pumps in Lethbridge

Our team at Southern Rewind Ltd will be happy to assist you in finding the water pump for your needs.

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