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Gear boxes (or “gear reducers”) are essentially mechanical devices that increase a motor’s output torque, or the speed of a motor as measured in RPM (revolutions per minute). On one end of your motor there will be a shaft that attaches to the gear box. The torque outputted is determined by the configuration of gears within the gear box. But, you already knew these things, right? Great! Let’s skip to how we can help fulfill your gear box requirements. 

Southern Rewind Ltd fulfills many application demands by offering a wide variety of gear boxes for commercial and industrial clients, such as paper mills, agricultural facilities, power plants, cement production, and food processing plants. We offer gear boxes/reducers from the top brands, including Baldor®-Dodge Tigear.

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Keep Your Gear Box in Great Shape

To keep your gear box perfectly operational, some degree of maintenance will be required. These include:

  • Keep It Clean — Look at the area around your gear box. Is it dusty and dirty? Like most commercial and industrial facilities, dirt and dust are just a fact of life. But, you can extend the lifespan of your gear box by cleaning it off from time to time. It’s especially important to keep the breather free of debris. 
  • Lubricate — Ensure your gear box is regularly lubricated according to the manufacturer’s specified schedule. If you see any lubricants leaking from the input or output shaft, this is a clear indicator that your shaft seals are worn out. 
  • Avoid Overheating — If you see any discolouration, scorches, or signs of exterior distress, the gear box should be removed from service until the cause of overheating is determined. 
  • Check for Gear Wear and Contact — Using an endoscope, you can check for signs of pitting and spalling. You should also make sure gear teeth are perfectly aligned using engineer’s blue pigmented paste. 
  • Avoid Vibration — No matter how well aligned your gears may be at standstill, vibration always causes excessive abrasion and wear. If you notice vibration, check how the gear box is mounted and then try to rule out any type of misalignment with the gears, shaft, or other moving parts. 
  • Follow the Ratings — Your gear box should only be operated within the manufacturer’s specified thermal, mechanical, and power ratings. 

On this page, you’ll find YouTube videos detailing additional ways to keep your gear box operating safely. 

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