irrigation system

Signs Your Irrigation System Needs Repairs

Did you know the irrigation industry in Canada is valued in excess of $7 billion?  To grow your crops, your irrigation system should always be operating properly to prevent crops from dying. There are many ways to tell if something is wrong with your irrigation system. Read on to learn about the signs your irrigation system requires professional repair and maintenance.



Damage To The Electrical Power Box

You should inspect your electrical box to ensure the system was not disconnected or damaged. It's not uncommon for rodents and snakes to crawl into electrical boxes and create small holes or chew on wires. Make sure to seal small holes to minimize the opportunities for creatures to crawl into the electrical box. 


When you use an irrigation system, the water will cause some erosion and the soil being displaced. Over time, the displacement of the soil will cause clogs to the drainage system and leads to increased water usage. Keep an eye out for when this happens to your crops.


Any leaks in the system indicate a larger issue. These problems mean that a repair is needed imminently.

Leaks and drips are difficult to identify especially when most of the pipes are underground. However, professionals are trained to use equipment and experience to identify potential leaks. They may see an unusually soft spot in the soil or a type of fungus caused by excessive moisture.

The best way to check for leaks is to schedule routine maintenance on your system. A professional uses a leak detector test or other methods to ensure this is not an issue.


Contact The Professional For Help

If you notice some inconsistency with the performance of your irrigation systems such as dead crops or leaks, you should contact Southern Rewind for help. Our team will help solve your issues and get your operation running smoothly again.