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Top 3 Signs Your Irrigation System Needs to Be Serviced

Whether it is a farmer delivering water to their crops or a homeowner keeping their yard vibrant, people rely on their irrigation systems. In fact, the irrigation industry in Canada is valued in excess of $7 billion.


In order to keep gardens and landscapes lush, your system must operate at maximum efficiency. There are many ways to tell if something is wrong with your system.


Read on to learn whether your system needs to be serviced. Explore the three tops signs that your lawn or garden irrigation system requires professional maintenance.


Dry Spots

Whether you have a lawn or garden system, dry spots are an obvious sign that something is wrong. Homeowners will often observe a brown patch or an area of dead grass. Farmers spot dead crops or ones that are not growing at the same rate as others.

Poor irrigation may be the root cause of your lawn’s struggles. In some cases, the sprinkler heads are stuck or failing to rotate to the brown area.

Other times, the water pressure is poor for the entire system. The sprinklers do not have the same reach that you are accustomed to. There may be an issue with your irrigation pump motor.

When this occurs, it is important to contact a professional. Most system failures require a professional’s equipment and experience to properly diagnose.


Higher Water Bill

Many farmers see dead crops and they simply increase the water output. They convince themselves that it was a hot month and more water is required.

Some homeowners do not realize that the typical lawn only requires watering once or twice a week. This is true in the absence of rainfall.

If you feel the need to water more than usual to keep crops or flowerbeds vibrant, your system is a potential culprit. The water bill is often the most obvious sign that you are watering more than necessary.

In these cases, paying to repair the system is the most cost-efficient action plan. Paying abnormally high water bills ultimately is the highest cost to the consumer.


Leaks or Drips

Any leaks or drips in the system indicate a larger issue. These problems mean that a repair is needed imminently.

Leaks and drips are difficult to identify especially when most of the pipes are underground. However, professionals are trained to use equipment and experience to identify potential leaks. They may see an unusually soft spot in the soil or a type of fungus caused by excessive moisture.

The best way to check for leaks or drips is to schedule routine maintenance on your system. A professional uses a leak detector test or other methods to ensure this is not an issue.


Service Your Lawn or Garden Irrigation System

Before you lose money to excessive water bills or dead crops, consider servicing your irrigation system instead. Signs like dead crops or leaks require professional attention. Get in touch with us at Southern Rewind today to schedule an appointment.