an industrial irrigation system is watering the crops in a field

Signs of Irrigation Pump Problems

Did you know 80% of farms in British Columbia and Alberta reported using sprinkler irrigation methods to irrigate crops? Irrigation systems are a vital part of farming, so any problems with the system can significantly impact how things run.


Irrigation pump problems are a common reason why these systems do not run as they normally would. Read on to learn about the most common causes of irrigation pump problems and solutions to repair your pump.


What Is an Irrigation Pump?

Before going over the most common causes of irrigation pump problems, here is a brief explanation of irrigation pumps.


The primary purpose of an irrigation pump is to provide water to particular areas on the land. The irrigation system is used to grow crops and maintain the vegetation and fields. Depending on the type of irrigation pump, they can be powered either electrically or with different fuel sources.


Common Causes of Irrigation Pump Problems

There are multiple reasons you could be having issues with your irrigation pump. Here are some of the most common causes of irrigation pump fault.


Low Water Supply

Before assuming that something is wrong with your irrigation pump, it can very well be your water supply that is the problem.


A problem with water supply flow can lead people to believe their pump is the problem when that is not the case. This low amount of water supply can cause a few things, such as a buildup of debris and low water levels in the supply.


If neither seems to be the cause, your pipeline may be blocked or damaged.



While it is common for debris buildup to cause issues, irrigation pumps can also run into problems with other types of buildup.


Dirty water with small and abrasive particles can cause damage to the interior of the pump. This internal damage can eventually cause your water pump not to last as long as expected.


Inefficient Power 

Irrigation pumps are powered by and located near power grids. Because of where they are usually located, this can cause these pumps to experience power supply issues.


If you think this is the cause of your irrigation pump issues, call a professional to investigate the problem further. They will be able to tell you if the power grid is the culprit of your problem and provide a solution to repair it.


Irrigation Pump Repair Services

Now that you have an idea of some of the most common causes of irrigation pump problems, you may be wondering what to do to resolve this issue.


Southern Rewind Ltd is dedicated to providing exceptional services, including pump repair. Our technicians have professional training and experience working with pumps and motors. Contact us today for your irrigation pump repair and replacement needs.