Should You Replace or Repair Your Well Pump?

Well pumps can last and function adequately for many years, but will require pump repair during their operating lives and will eventually need to be replaced. Deciding whether to repair or replace a well pump is going to depend on many different factors, including what has gone wrong and how old the pump is. At Southern Rewind Ltd, the Lethbridge pump repair specialists, we want to make sure that everyone who has a well pump understands when it needs repair or replacement.

There are numerous signs which could indicate problems with well pumps in Lethbridge. Among these are: dirty water, air spitting out of the faucet, loud or unusual noises, decreased water pressure, and unusually high electric bills. High electric bills, once other causes have been ruled out, could indicate that the pump has had to run continuously in order to maintain water pressure.

If these signs are not heeded, your well pump could fail and stop providing water. When a well pump fails and you have no water, you need to take immediate action by turning off the electrical power to both the well pump and to the water heater. This will prevent any additional damage from occurring.

Well pumps can fail prematurely if put under some kind of strain, such as a power outage. With no power supply a well pump will simply stop working. Well pumps will also fail if the expansion tank which is filled with water from the pump loses pressure. When the expansion tank is filled with water, the air becomes compressed and pressure in the tank becomes high enough to trip a pressure switch. If a tank loses its pressure, the pump ends up having to work extra hard to keep it full of water.

A failure to keep up with maintenance and tackle repairs can lead to well pump failure as well. Annual well maintenance is very important, and costs around $100 to $120. The price of common repairs can vary, ranging from $20 to $40 for replacing a pressure switch, to $250 to $500 for replacing a tank.

If a well pump has reached the end of its usable life and if it is constantly in need of repairs, then it is better off being replaced. Depending on the type of well, the pump can cost around $1000 for a shallow-bored well to $2,000 for a drilled well. A new well pump should last around 25 years.

If you need quality and professional well pump repair in Lethbridge, or if it's time to have your pump replaced, then you can trust the experienced technicians at Southern Rewind Ltd. Our wide range of pump repair services ensure that we can fix what needs to be fixed, and the top brands of Lethbridge well pumps that we work with ensure that we can provide you with a superior replacement alternative if need be.

For all of your Lethbridge pump repair and pump replacement needs, or to ask us any question you may have, just get in touch with Southern Rewind Ltd today.