Frequently Asked Questions about Pumps

Pumps are one of the most important machines in many modern industries, including the agricultural, gas and coal industries so important to Alberta. Whenever someone needs a liquid moved (particularly a large amount of liquid to be moved quickly) you can bet that the machine powering that movement was a pump.

At Southern Rewind Ltd. we offer help with AC or DC electric motors, electric generators, water systems accessories, and pumps in Lethbridge and Medicine Hat. We’re trained and experienced in troubleshooting just about any problem with just about any make or model of pump out there. Here are just a few of the most frequently asked questions about pumps we’ve come across over the years serving our southeastern Alberta communities:

  1. If I put a more powerful motor on my pump, will it move liquid faster?By itself, no it won’t. The rate at which a pump moves liquid depends on a combination of the power of the motor, the speed of the impeller’s rotation and the size of the impeller and casing. Changing only one of these elements won’t do much and may even damage the other parts.
  2. No liquid is being pumped when I turn it on. What’s wrong?
    Your pump is part of a larger system for moving liquid that includes a liquid supply, a suction line, a pump and driver system, and a discharge line. There may be a problem at any part of this system that interferes with liquid flow. The most likely culprits are an improperly primed pump or blockage in the casing or pipes. Pumps troubleshooting experts in Lethbridge should perform a full diagnostic so you won’t have worse problems in the future.
  3. I hear a crackling sound when my pump is working and the pressure of the liquid varies rapidly. What’s wrong?
    If your machine has these symptoms, it probably means cavitation, or when air bubbles form near the eye of the impeller. If left unattended, this problem can cause serious damage to your pump. Consult a professional to identify how you should fix this problem.

  4. Why are the bearings on my pump getting really hot?
    Bearings are essential for the smooth operation of your pump. If your bearings are increasing in temperature it probably means that there is increased friction in the shaft that spins your impeller. Most problems with friction are actually problems with lubrication so check to be sure there isn’t too much or too little lubrication in your pump.

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Whatever issue you might have, we at Southern Rewind Ltd. are happy to offer troubleshooting services for pumps in Lethbridge and Medicine Hat. Contact us today to find out how we can get your pump up and running again!