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Maintenance Tips for Generator

Generators are an essential part of every business. Whether you work in the oil and gas industries and use generators for drilling or digging purposes or simply have a generator in case of a blackout, everyone needs to keep their machine in good repair. At Southern Rewind Ltd., we provide sales and service of pumps and generators in Lethbridge, Medicine Hat and throughout Southern Alberta. In order to help our customers get the most out of their generators, we would like to inform you about some ways to take care of your machine so it will be ready to help you when you need it.

Why is Having a Generator Important?

Having a generator is important for a lot of reasons. If you work in the Alberta oil or gas industries, for instance, you will often need power in the field to work large machinery. Only a generator can give you that combination of ease, power, and flexibility. Even if you don’t work in the field, however, having a generator can also be essential for more traditional businesses. In case of power outages from natural disasters, you don’t want your employees or machinery to be put at risk. A generator can give you power when you need it most. Even in less extreme situations, a generator can simply allow you to continue production with only minor stoppage until your commercial electricity has returned to full functioning.

How Hard is it to Maintain a Generator?

To make sure that your generator will be there for you when you need it most, you should be sure to keep it working at top condition at all times. This will require a little planning and regular maintenance, but, relative to the help generators can give in an emergency, it’s well worth it. Luckily, basic maintenance is pretty easy to do. Generators vary slightly from model to model and how you maintain yours will depend on how much you use it. That being said, you can count on having to do these simple tasks to maintain your generator:

  • Check fluid levels, including oil and coolant
  • Check for physical damage and quickly replace worn out parts
  • Check that the control panel is functioning properly and giving accurate readings
  • Change fuel and air filter when necessary
  • Keep the generator clean 
  • Run it for at least thirty minutes each month to keep it in shape
  • Get your generator checked by a professional if anything is wrong

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