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5 Water Pump Maintenance Tips

Your water pump works hard to push clean water to your business or farm day in and day out. To help it do its job, a little TLC is required to keep your pump working in optimal condition.

Your best cure to a problematic water pump is preventative care. Besides having your water pump professionally serviced once every three or four years, there are a few routine things you can do too.

Maintaining Your Water Pumps in Lethbridge
Is there anything more frustrating than needing strong water pressure but it comes out in a trickle instead? By following the tips below, you will have a relationship with your water pump that you can rely on.

1. Clean the cooling fans
One of the most common problems we see associated with water pumps is overheating. To avoid the need for costly pump repair in Lethbridge, try to get into the habit of dusting off the cooling fans on a regular basis. A buildup of cobwebs, dirt and debris makes it difficult for your water pump to cool down causing it to overheat.

2. Check your taps
If your water pump frequently starts and stops, you could have a leaky tap somewhere inside or outside your house. That can cause your water pump a great deal of aggravation, eventually leading to damage. If you find one, tighten the seals to stop the leak.

3. Use anti-corrosion spray
Some water pumps in Lethbridge are available in anti-corrosion models. If you don’t have one of those installed, applying an anti-corrosion product to exposed steel is an easy and inexpensive way to prolong the life of your pump. Apply a spray specifically designed for water pumps about once or twice a year.

4. Check the bearings
Older or overworked water pumps can burn out their bearings quickly. To keep the bearings in good condition, grease them about once or twice a year. They should be replaced every three to four years when you have your pump fully serviced.

5. Look for pools of water
Check for drips and patches of water underneath your water pump. A leaky pump is a clear sign that it needs servicing right away.

Water Pump Repair in Lethbridge
The earlier problems are detected, the easier they are to fix! During routine maintenance checks, if you find any problems with your industrial pumps in Lethbridge, contact us as soon as possible.

At Southern Rewind Ltd., we have the tools and know-how to resolve even the toughest problems. Our knowledgeable service technicians are the best in the business. Give us a call, email us or drop into one of our locations in Lethbridge or Medicine Hat at any time. We’re ready to serve you!