Everything You Need in Your Industrial Gearbox Maintenance Checklist

Did you know that the industrial gearbox market is expected to grow by 14.25% by 2024?

To prolong the life of your industrial care boxes, completing regular maintenance inspections is imperative. Many people avoid completing thorough industrial gearbox inspections because of the overhaul that causes a length downtime and a shift in production.

Are you interested in learning what should be included in your industrial gearbox maintenance checklist? We've created this quick guide to help you better understand. Keep reading to learn more!


Check the Gearbox Rating

Take a look at the gearbox rating to ensure that the thermal ratings the mechanical rating was are operating within the manufacturer specification. More often than not, your boxes are being used in an application that's being driven beyond the design's specifications.


Check for Oil Leaks

There shouldn't be any oil leaks in the industrial gearbox. If there is an oil leak that hasn't yet been identified, it can interfere with the gearbox's overall performance.

When the shaft seals are beginning to fail, they allow dust, water, and debris to enter the industrial gearbox. This affects the lubrication of the gearbox, but it is also the main cause behind the majority of oil leaks.


Look for Wear on Gear Contacts

As your industrial gearbox is regularly used, you should check to make sure that there isn't any excessive wear in the gearbox. Also, take this time and see if there's any misalignment between the gear teeth.


Performing a Vibration Analysis

Since gearboxes are normally used in very noisy environments, any new changes from the noise that the gearbox is making will often go unnoticed. This can create a great risk for your gearbox's overall well-being, which is why it's so important to perform regular vibration analysis.



A dial indicator it's useful to check for any changes in a backlash between the meshing of gears. A dial indicator will also help to identify any changes in the end play or if there's any left that can be found at the output and input shaft.

If there is backlash that is identified, it can be a common sign that there's wearing on the teeth of the gears. Sometimes it's always isn't able to be identified by the plain eyesight.

Also, if there's any change in the shift endplay or lift, this can be a warning sign that there's wearing inside the Rolling elements of the bearings. Another common cause for a change in the shift endplay or lifting is wearing the bearing housings.


Checking Over Your Industrial Gearboxes Checklist


Having a well-formed industrial gearboxes checklist that you can depend on when it's time for you to inspect your industrial gearbox regularly is essential. Use this guide to help get a better understanding of what to look out for when you perform your regularly scheduled inspection.

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