Common Pump Problems and Solutions

Chances are good that somewhere in your production chain, commerce or farm a pump quietly works overtime keeping everything running smoothly. Because pumps can run trouble-free for years they likely take a back seat to most other aspects of your business or residence. But what happens when your pump starts acting up?

Let's look at five common pump problems and possible solutions:

1. Little or no liquid delivery

  • If you experience a lack or loss of prime, fill the pump casing and suction pipe with liquid and check for leaks in suction pipe. Check for leaks in the mechanical seal and replace if needed.
  • If pump primes well, shorten or enlarge suction line or lower suction lift
  • Check impeller and unclog, clean, repair or replace as needed
  • Make sure suction and discharge valves are open
  • Check suction screen and clean or replace as necessary
  • Check to make sure foot valve and check valve are not leaking and replace if defective

2. Suction is lost

  • Check for air leak in suction line and repair or replace
  • Foot valve or strainer could be plugged or defective. Unclog or replace.
  • If suction lift is too high, lower it, install foot valve and prime

3. Motor overheats and/or shuts off

  • Make sure motor voltage matches power supply voltage and that electrical connections are tight
  • Impeller could be defective or rubbing against pump case. Clean or replace as necessary.
  • Make sure wire sizing is correct and change if necessary

4. Pump will not start or run

  • Check fuse or breaker and reset or replace as necessary
  • If any wires are loose or broken, tighten or replace
  • Remove anything blocking impeller
  • Replace motor if shorted out
  • Thermal overload. Allow pump to cool and determine reason for overheating before restarting.
  • Wired improperly. Redo wiring.

5. Pump vibrates and/or makes unusual noise

  • Pump may be coming loose from mounting plate or foundation may not be sufficiently rigid. Tighten or reinforce as needed.
  • Impeller may be damaged and need replacing
  • Clean out any foreign material in pump
  • Motor bearings could be worn and need replacing
  • Suction lift might be too high. Lower lift and install a foot valve.

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