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Factors To Consider Before Purchasing An Electric Motor

There is a lot to consider when choosing a suitable electric motor for your machine. The speed, mechanical envelope, torque, duty cycle, and accuracy are factors to help determine the type of motor to buy. If you are confused about what to purchase and what is best for your need, we created a guide to help you out.


Torque and Speed

The first thing to look at a motor before buying is its speed and torque. If your industrial machine requires higher speed operation, you may need to buy brushless DC motors. Yet devices that need moderate speeds can be fitted with coreless DC motors.


Wondering what the difference in speeds is? Higher speeds predispose the brushes to fast tear and wear, affecting the motor’s lifespan. Since stepper motors are electronically commutated, their high pole pair numbers allow them to run at low speeds.


Now that you have checked the motor speed, how about its torque? The engineers must focus on the motor’s continuous torque and its peak for some time.


Besides, various motor technologies are characterized by their capacity to produce a given constant output torque. If the motion system does not produce the output torque capacity, you can add a gearbox.



How sensitive is your industrial machine to dirt, temperature, or humidity? Considering that most electric motors are meant for clean surfaces, your technician must understand how sensitive the environment is.


Check the ambient temperature for the motor windings to maintain the insulation system. Most motors require an ambient temperature of between 20 and 40 degrees.


Operating Lifetime

The number of duty cycles, hours of operation in a day, number of processes in a day, and time per cycle defines your motion system’s work. With these details, your technician can identify the number of hours the system can operate for the expected product lifespan.


The type of bearing also matters when it comes to the motion system. For instance, ball bearings can provide you with over 10,000 hours of life, while sleeve bearings can cover only a few thousand hours. Remember, increased heat in the system can affect the lubricant’s lifetime.


System Accuracy and Mechanical Envelop

How do you achieve the mechanical envelop yet you’ve never replaced your electronic motor before? The chosen motor must have a similar length and diameter if you want it to fit its specified space. It’s also important you ensure that the motor capabilities are enough to run the application.


You need an encoder to control and track the rotor position for brushless and brushed DC motors. Without this, it’ll be challenging to measure electric motor accuracy. Using standard encoders, you can get different resolutions from the same package size.


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