Basic Safety Guidelines for Industrial Generators

Installing or operating an industrial generator? Southern Rewind refreshes you on the safety guidelines to follow when working with industrial generators.

Installing and operating industrial generators in Lethbridge carries inherent risks which need to be mitigated by taking the right precautions. The Lethbridge generators repair technicians at Southern Rewind Ltd have been called in to repair all sorts of problems with industrial generators, and we've seen how these problems could have been prevented. Here are some basic safety guidelines for you to follow when working with industrial generators.

- Always follow the manufacturer's instructions

Your industrial generator will come with instructions, and those instructions must be followed during installation, repair, and maintenance tasks. If the instructions aren't followed, someone could get seriously hurt. Neglecting to follow the manufacturer's instructions also runs the risk of nullifying your warranty.

- Inspect before you install

Before you even begin installing an industrial generator, it is important to give it a thorough inspection as soon as you remove it from its box. Minor dings and dents which occurred during shipping might seem like nothing, but could be a sign of structural damage. The unit should be looked at and repaired before it is installed.

- Ensure proper ventilation

Industrial generators in Lethbridge need adequate ventilation in order to function safely, which is why they should only ever be placed outdoors. Make sure that your generator is placed inside of a protective
enclosure as well.

- Ensure proper elevation

Your generator also needs to be set up in an elevated location which is safe from any risk of rising waters when it rains. The surface needs to be level and unobstructed, and your generator should not be
resting on a conducting or combustible platform.

- Practice fire prevention

Speaking of combustion; industrial generators give off highly flammable fumes. Smoking should be strictly prohibited around the generator, and there should not be any combustible materials cluttering the
area. Make sure the generator is regularly monitored and that these rules are enforced.

- Wear appropriate clothing and safety equipment

Whoever is installing or working on an industrial generator must wear the proper safety equipment, such as goggles and safety gloves. Clothing should not be loose enough to risk snagging on any generator
parts, and long hair should be tied back.

- Keep your generator well maintained

The generators which power your Lethbridge business require regular maintenance in order to ensure that they keep operating safely and efficiently. They need oil changes, filter changes, and electrical system
recharging, and any broken or defective parts need to be replaced. All maintenance and repairs must be conducted by professionals and must follow the manufacturer's recommendations.

Professional, Timely Generators Repair in Lethbridge
Your business depends on the safe and proper operation of your industrial generators, and Southern Rewind Ltd is here to help ensure that you don't lose power and that no one gets hurt. We provide 24-hour emergency generators repair services in Lethbridge as well as prompt and efficient non-emergency repairs and maintenance.

If you have an industrial generator which needs expert repair or maintenance, don't hesitate to contact Southern Rewind Ltd by phone or online today.