What are the Benefits of a Variable Frequency Drive?

Variable frequency drives are potent additions to most any mechanical setup. The flexibility and efficiency that they can bring can revolutionize your machinery needs.

What is a variable frequency drive? They are specialized drives that can alter their speed to the machine's needs. They require certain setups and repair to keep them going, but the energy they save can be lifesaving. 

We here at Southern Rewind Ltd. specialize in variable frequency drive Lethbridge and will help guide you through their many benefits.


1. Easier Starting Currents
A standard AC motor can start up a machine at a massive use of power, often 7 or 8 times what the machines need to function. This is due to its inflexible nature of the output.

With a variable frequency drive, the machine can build up at a slower pace. It does this by providing a sort of magnetization to the motor windings as the frequency and voltage increases.

This keeps it at a steadier power increase, saving you electricity and wearing down the machine at a much slower rate. It also provides a safer working environment


2. Fewer Applications Need Consistent Speed

The constant output from a standard AC motor can be vital to certain operations that need absolute consistency in their power output.

The majority of applications do not need this absolute output and can even benefit from shifting motor speed during more intensive or less intensive moments. 

For these machines, the variable frequency drive is vital, letting you shift the strain and output to allow for more efficient adjustment. The variable frequency drives apply the gradual changes to ease machines and components into different speeds. 


3. Eliminating Reverse Starters and Other Items

Variable frequency drives eliminate the need for reserve starters. They incorporate a form of integrated reversing or even an external switch of their own.

This allows you to free up some panel space as well as lowering your overall maintenance costs. 

There is potential for variable frequency drives to replace other elements, like gearboxes and other major mechanical expenses. As variable frequency drives manage its own operational speed, additional devices may be redundant.

This depends on your application, so you must test before doing any major modifications. If done well and in the right setups, this can be a great boon to new businesses in the industry. 


4. Reducing Speed and Output to Conserve Energy

Various machines can thrive from the change to variable frequency drives. The control of speed and output can put a much lighter pull on your energy requirements.

Items like Centrifugal fans and pump loads with a variable frequency drive can shift variable torque loads and allow for a major drop in energy consumption. 


5. Controlled Stopping and Torque Limits

In the case of emergencies and overworked machines, variable frequency drives have a major benefit over standard AC motors. 

In the same way that variable frequency drives allow for smoother and safer acceleration, they also help to tune down and even stop machines when a problem arises. 

Regular AC motors often require an overload device to avoid continual use after hitting a torque limit. This can cause a major disruption. With a variable frequency drive, you can set it to never go over a torque limit, avoiding the entire issue. 


The Best in Variable Frequency Drive Lethbridge, Alberta

These 5 potent bonuses aren't the entire list of benefits for the variable frequency drive. There is a lot more to explore what these drives have to offer. 

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